Building Healthy Relationships

two-hearts-631344_640Man is a social animal and being a social animal a person tends to have relationships and build relationships with their fellow beings. However, relationships require a lot of work in order to work and last. Quite a few people lack the skills required to sustain long lasting relationships and therefore they suffer lifelong.

The Start of a relationship

At the beginning of the relationship there are a few ground rules one needs to follow in order to sustain the relationship.

  1. Building a strong foundation : The foundation of the relationship should be respect and appreciation of each other. One needs to focus on the positive points and make sure they express it rather than just expressing the negatives or the mistakes.
  2. Exploration of interests : Relationships can only get better if there are common interests and activities that both enjoy. Else after a certain point of time, there will be nothing to talk about or discuss.
  3. Establishment of rules : Each person needs to take responsibility for their actions, their words and apologize if they have hurt the other.


When the relationship has grown

Once the relationship has been established there are a lot of changes that occur. This is a critical part in the relationship as at this time there are chances that the relationship can either fizzle out or die a natural death. Certain features of this are :

  1. Identification of change : Change is inevitable and no person remains the same as they were earlier. As a result of it the relationship too needs to evolve and accept this change. When one accepts the changes, it is only then that the relationship has a chance of growing and becoming more fruitful.
  2. Periodic checks : There are times when the people in a relationship either ignore certain issues, topics or hide certain unresolved issues under the carpet. This causes a strain on the relationship and without knowing the persons in the relationship drift away.


Maintaining a relationship over long periods

Relationships once started and established, need to be maintained, nurtured and fed in order for it to survive over long periods. Some of the ground rules to lasting relationships are :

  1. Respect changes : The reasons why people actually entered into a relationship may fizzle out in time as a result of the evolution of the relationship. This needs to be respected and valued. Only then will it survive over long periods.
  2. Accept differences : There would be a number of causes of differences and disagreements. However, the persons in the relationship need to agree to disagree. It is not necessary for the people in the relationship to agree upon each and every topic.
  3. Expression of wants and needs : The people in the relationship need to express to the other person as to what they want and they desire or even what they need. If they do not express it, there are chances the other person wont even be aware and that causes a rift.