A Relationship Break – Take a Cruise!

greek cruiseMost vacations require you to stay in a hotel and go out to see the world but a cruise lets you stay in a hotel and brings the world to you. Some of the most remarkable places in the globe pull right up outside your window, from The Harbours to the world’s oldest civilizations, If it’s your maiden voyage you’ll probably spend your last few days before the trip staring out the window at work daydreaming about nothing but blue water for miles, the open sea breezes filling your lungs, and fist-bumps with seagulls.

Sorry to snap you out of it but you might want to squeeze in some planning and prepping. Pack not only for weather but for your cruise’s included shore excursions. You will need walking shoes. Are there formal events that will require some dressy attire? Once you’re on board and your bags are in your cabin take some time to relax by going on a walk to cool off and get familiar with your new floating city. Look into any shows, guest speakers, classes and game nights. Also, prepare to endure the high costs of alcohol on the cruise. We mitigated the cost by buying flasks from myboozecruise.com but that’s another topic.

Okay, now plan your day accordingly, don’t sleep in or have breakfast too late. Remember when you’re on ship time you could have sailed across two time zones while you were snoozing, you don’t want to wake up to find you missed the boat ashore and now you’re home alone on an empty ship, but then again home alone means no lines for ice cream. Pools and hot tubs are all to yourself may be sleeping in isn’t such a bad idea after all.  I know the aforementioned is a lot to remember but remember that it is just a cruise and if you don’t bring all that is necessary then you can still have a great trip.

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